• Magic 1


    The foundation of the infinite planes of the Multiverse is mana,

    the energy that fuels all magic. The five colors of mana are imbued in the land itself,

    and a Planeswalker with a connection to a place can call upon its mana.

    Each color of mana fuels a different kind of powerful magic for you to command.

  • Magic 2


    White is the color of law, order, and structure.

    The sprawling Plains, populated by soldiers, clerics, and angels, provide white mana.

    You send coordinated armies of smaller creatures into battle to teach the enemy a lesson.


  • Magic 3


    Blue magic relies on trickery and manipulation. Islands provide blue mana,

    the color of the deep sea and  the endless sky.

    You work behind the scenes, controlling your environment completely before making a move.

  • Magic 4


    Black magic is about death, disease, and power at any cost.

    Black mana comes from dank Swamps, where things fester and rot.

    You are as selfish and twisted as the undead creatures and unspeakable horrors you command.

  • Magic 5


    Red magic erupts with fire, frenzy, and storms of rock and lava. Red mana comes from Mountains and volcanoes. You act quickly and recklessly, channeling your wild emotions to summon mighty dragons or crush the ground your enemies walk on.

  • Magic 6


    Green magic is about growth, life, and brute force. The Forests overflow with green mana, which represents the pulse of nature. You empower your creatures with the predatory might of nature and dominate through sheer size. 

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